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Successful Repolymerization of DMT toward 100 % rPET

Recyc’Elit announces the repolymerization of their first recycled Dimethyl terephthalate monomer (DMT) into a 100% recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) resin as part of its SOFTDEPET project in partnership with their academic laboratory IMP -INSA Lyon and their industrial partner IVA Essex. The IMP-INSA laboratory conducted the synthesis on a PET synthesis pilot representative of the industrial environment. Recyc’ELIT validated the quality specs of their DMT with IVA Essex in a High Performance resin route.

The achievement of this major step allows Recyc’Elit to consolidate its technology and accelerate the development of its future depolymerization pilot demonstrator.

As a reminder, the process developed by Recyc’ELIT makes it possible to regenerate the initial monomers, namely terephthalic acid PTA or its ester DMT and ethylene glycol (EG), under very moderate heating conditions and atmospheric pressure. The monomers thus obtained allows upcycming into PET virgin for food contact applications or any other type of application according to an infinite cycle.

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Kick off the SOFTDePET project 📣 !

RecycELIT announces the kick off of the SOFTDEPET project: SOFT DEpolymerization of PET with its two partners IVA Essex and IMP-INSA Lyon..

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They talk about us on specialized press 📣 !

Recyc’Elit was mentioned as the startup to follow in the next few years according to the newspaper Green News Techno…

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Recyc’Elit is partner of Utopia !

Few months ago RecycELIT decided to partner with Utopia in order to support its environmental action…

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RECYC’ELIT recently received the Young Innovative Company Label. The Ministry of Public Finance and the French Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research recognize the innovative nature of our company’s activity.